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Chessed Programs

Chessed is a crucial part of every Jew's life, and at Baer Miriam, our chessed program is an integral part of the Baer Miriam experience. By actively being involved in chessed activities, our students have the opportunity to make a difference and improve the lives of others.

The goal of our chessed program is to help our students take what they have learned and act upon it. It gives them a chance to contribute to the community, and to develop relationships with local Israeli (and often American) families.

Our students have many choices as to where to do their chessed: as a volunteer in an organization or social service, in a hospital, working with disadvantaged youth or disabled children, organizing food packages for Shabbat, working with needy families, and others. But regardless of choice, the experience of doing chessed makes an indelible impression that remains for a lifetime.

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