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Pillars of the Well Program

Falafel Balls

Bayit cham

$18 a month

Sponsor an informal, relaxing night at one of our staff's homes!

Rav Gav.jpeg

Special speaker

$36 a month

Remember those special, inspiring speakers we brought in once in a while?




$72 a month

Take a student away for an uplifting, jaw-dropping Shabbos!

Guitar Playing



$100 a month

Fill a Saturday night with singing, food, and good vibes! 


sponsor a class

$180 a month

Sponsor one of those amazing classes you loved so much!

Three Ways to Donate!

Entering credit card details

Donate online via

credit card or

bank transfer


Send money via Zelle to:

Or be in touch with us to process your credit card without any hassle!

Three Way to Donate

Think back, for a moment, to your year in Israel.

The camaraderie. The learning. The tiyulim. The Shabbatonim. The struggles… and the growth. The memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Wouldn't you want to give that to someone else, if you could?

You know that Baer Miriam has long prided itself on being a seminary that goes the extra mile for its students. The incredible warmth of our teachers and staff, the willingness to give out an overwhelming number of scholarships, just to make sure every girl has an opportunity to get that Shana Alef experience... you know that's what we're about.

Which is why we need your help. YOU can help us provide the students at Baer Miriam with the same Israel experience as you had. YOU can help them have the Shana Alef they need, complete with the learning they crave and the lifelong memories they look forward to.

Have you ever wanted to truly change a person’s life? Without speaking in hyperbole – to actually, concretely, literally impact a human being?

This is your opportunity.

Please consider becoming one of the Pillars of the Well, one of our supporters who keeps us going, day in and day out. Whatever you can do to help, whether it be ma'aser money, or a little extra off the top - goes a long way. From the entire Baer Miriam family, we cannot thank you enough.

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